Damnoen Saduak Floating Market+River Kwai Tour (Full Day with Lunch)

Experience Thais rural life and a charm of countryside at Damnoen Saduak Floating Market and visit historical sites in Kanchanaburi including the Bridge over the River Kwai, Allied War Cemeteries and enjoy Train ride on Death Railway through magnificent scenery, passing over the original wooden viaduct constructed by Allied POWs. …


Destination : Thailand

Place : Bangkok-Kanchanaburi

Price (Join-In) : 1,250 THB/adult and 1,000 THB/child (Not over than 110 cms)

Price (Private 2-4 Pax) : 3,800 THB/adult&child (Minimum 2 Paxs)

Price (Private 5 Pax or More) : 2,800 THB/adult&child

(This program included pick up from hotel and drop off,

English speaking guide and Lunch)

Tour Type : Private & Join-In


Duration : 06:30 to 18:30

06:30 hrs Pick up from various hotels in Bangkok.  

08:15 hrs We will take you to the Floating Market at Damnoern Saduak which is situated about 110 km. west of Bangkok, the journey commences with a leisurely drive by rice paddies and salt fields.  

09:30 hrs Now go to have a sweet time when you see one of the local Palm sugar factories - how it begins and how it ends, you can taste the sugar and use the oil to sooth your skin and learn much more.  

10:00 hrs We will now proceed to the jetty where we board our famous Long-tail boats, and slide over the various small canals on our way to the Floating Market.. where you can enjoy the variety of merchandise for sale as well as the amazingly different boats in all shapes and sizes. and visit the snake farm. 

10:30 hrs See magical shapes come alive out of the wood at the wood carving factory next on our visiting list. 

12:30 hrs Have a good relaxing lunch. 

13:30 hrs On a more serious note we will now got to visit the War Cemetery, where 6.982 prisoners of war lay buried after they perished while constructing the death railway. 

13:45 hrs Onwards to the Jeath War Museum, in the thatched detention hut with cramped elevated Bamboo bunks contains photographic, pictorial and physical memorabilia from the Second World War 

14:20 hrs Walk over the internationally famous Bridge over the River Kwai...the black iron bridge was brought from Java by the Japanese army and reassembled under Japanese supervision by the allied prisoners of war labor as part of the railway linking Thailand to Myanmar. 

18:30 hrs Arrival back at your hotel.


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