Ancient City Tour (Half Day)

See all of Thailand at the Ancient city.The open-air museum occupies a 320 acre site shaped to the outline of Thailand and comprises an excellent collection of full scale to scale of one-third to three fourths of the originals replicas of the country's major monuments and temples. It offers a realistic journey throughout the kingdom in only a few hours.



Destination     :    Thailand

Place               :    Bangkok

Price                :    1,700 /pax ( Minimum 2 Paxs )

Tour Type        :    Only Private

Duration          :    07:30 to 12:30



The Ancient City, like a door opened to the cultural in heritage of Siam. You are able to see the continuity of the history, arts, cultures, religious, thoughts as well as the believes of Thai talents. It shall reflect to Thai fundamentals and the varieties of the cultures on Thai territories. The historical of Siam will visually be revived at The Ancient City. 


The Ancient city is a Mini-Thailand, a big open-air museum situated 33 kms east of Bangkok. All major monuments ranging from one third of original to actual size and even a 50 meters high mini-mountain representing Khao Prasat Phra Viharn in the east of Thailand have been reconstructed, and millions have been invested to rebuild the ancient Reception Hall of Ayutthaya. 




07:00 hrs Pick up from hotel to depart for Samutprakarn province.  


07:30 hrs Travel to the Ancient City. 


12:30 hrs At the end of tour will be visit to local product store and then back to the hotel.


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