Calypso Cabaret Shows Tour (Night Tour)

The Calypso Cabaret offers you an evening of laughter, dazzling lights, beautiful 'women' and a lot of fun. Each night more than 50 performers will amaze you with a spectacle that would not be out of place any where in the world.

Destination  :  Thailand

Theater Place :  at Asiatique The Riverfront, 2194 Charoenkrung Rd., Praya Krai, Bangkor laem, Bangkok.

Price  : Included pick up and drop off from hotel in Bangkok (Need to pay in advance.)

1. Calypso Cabaret Shows+Thai Dance+Thai Dinner(Set Menu)+Round-Trip Transfer 

Price :  1,250 THB/adult and 1,000 THB/child 


2. Calypso Ticket only (without dinner)+Round-Trip Transfer 

Price :  950 THB/adult and 800 THB/child 


3. Thai Dance+Thai Dinner(Set Menu)+Round-Trip Transfer 

Price :  850 THB/adult and 700 THB/child 


Tour Type     :    Join-In (Transfer Round-Trip to Asiatique) 

Seating Capacity : Up to 450 Visitors / Show, Numbered table - seating up to 5 visitors/table 

Thai Dace Show-time : 19.15 and 20.45

1st Show Pick up 18:00 / show time 20:15 hrs - 21:30 hrs  

2nd Show Pick up 20:00 / show time 21:45 hrs - 23:00 hrs



17 years ago by now, 1987, we decided to create a show, which should be different, - how that?! In the show business many curtains were red, many legs were long and feathers on top of all. And yet, there was that vision and that urge to try - and since we do. With red curtains and long legs and feathers, too and with that one shining detail, which is by now CALYPSO's trademark?

The human being's natural beauty - live on stage.

We constantly strip down decorations and costumes to the bare necessities. We minimize choreographic ambitions and create choreographies, which highlight the specific talents and abilities of our actors and actresses. We do not cater to any markets or fashions or trends.

The overload and without any doubt the overkill of today's frenzies of the media world are verifying our concept of reduction.

Daily training of physical stamina, daily rehearsal of the current show and new productions, try to regain daily our motivation not to copy, not to reproduce the traded clichés and stereotypes.

It's said : If you've seen one , you've seen them all. Well if you travel to Thailand and stay in Bangkok, plan to see our show. It will give you an unseen and unheard-of experience. The revival of the art of entertainment!


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