Lamphun Tour (Half Day)

Lamphun (formerly Haripunchai) is amongst the oldest cities in Thailand and predates Chiang Mai by several centuries. Northern Thai chronicles suggest the city of Haripunchai was founded by some Buddhist monks in 661 AD, but the actual date may have been as late as the mid-ninth century. 

The chronicles tell how some Buddhist monks wished to establish a city and invited Queen Chamadevi from Lopburi to be the first ruler (a statue of the queen stands in a small park near the south-west corner of the old city moats). 


Destination : Thailand 

Place           : Chiang Mai 

Price            : 2,200 THB/pax

Tour Type    : Only Private 

Duration      : 08:00 to 12:00 & 13:30 to 17:00



08:00 hrs    Situated 26 kms. South of Chiang Mai is the ancient city of Lamphun, known in historic times as the Kingdom of Hariphunchai. An ancient Mon kingdom, it was founded in 660 and is the oldest existing city in the kingdom. As you enter the city, the remnants of the old fortified city walls and the surrounding moat, constructed in the 16th century, are still evident. 


09:30 hrs    See the ancient temple Wat Prathat Hariphunchai with its golden stupa. The temple grounds contain two impressive chedis, the taller of which, Ahtit Dayalat, stands a majestic 51 meters high. Take time to explore the teak-wood library which houses many ancient Pali scripts. There is an old Lanna style pagoda and a huge call-to-prayer gong. 


10:30 hrs    Visit Wat Jammathevee, named after Queen Jammathevee, the first ruler of Lampoon. Unlike most temples the style of the pagoda is unique with niches containing Buddha images. 


11:00 hrs    Proceed on to Pasang village to feel and sense the atmosphere of a small northern community. Pasang is well known for its cotton weaving industry and its lovely, demure ladies. Return back to Chiang Mai. 


12:00 hrs    Return back to Chiang Mai.


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