Thai Dinner + Classical Dance Tour (Night Tour)

This evening introduces you to mystical dances, Thai food and a truly Thai ambiance. During dinner feast your eyes on the grace and beauty of the dancers, elegantly performing stories from classical Thai literature and folklore. These traditional colorful costumes must be captured on camera. (Recommend for tourist who stay in Silom Area)


Destination    :    Thailand


Place              : Bangkok


Price              :    1,450 bht/pax (Minimum 2 Paxs)

(This program included pick up from hotel and drop off,

English speaking guide and Entrance Fees)


Tour Type      :    Join-In


Duration        :    18:30 to 21:45


(dinner start 19:30 and show start 20:20-21:10) 

Silom Trade Center is a spectacular place to be exposed to the spirit of old Bangkok. Settled among luscious greenery, our traditional Thai houses are home to authentic Thai food. Silom Village is proud to present Ruen Thep, the evening entertainment hall. It features the most authentic Thai classical dance. Performers in their dazzling jewelled costumes, ornate headdresses and the article masks move to the chimes and tinkles of classical Thai music with grace and charm. A Classical Thai orchestra, dress in traditional costumes, play their percussion instruments entertaining you while having dinner in old northern Thai northerners enjoy their meals. Every activity we serve will surely touch you to the depth of your soul.


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